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Or how a regular girl became France and Europe’s #1 Fantasy art model…Pictures, news, previews etc. Established since 2001

Image  Starting 2012 with a bang!! Well, so to speak.. After one too many issue with the server hosting my official website, I decided to move it all to WordPress. I thought it would be a seamless move,and it was, if not for the fact that all of my medias (pics, vids ets) were lost in the process.. Gah!

Well not entirely lost as I did create a back up before switching , now it’s a matter of finding time in my busy schedule to re-upload the 1000s of pics and vids that have been posted on since day one 😦

In the meantime, make yourself at home, and feel free to use all the navigation links on your right to discover (or rediscover) how I came to become the Fantasy art Muse you know today…

Till soon,





***Drakaina Anime Fan art contest***

Contest will run from September 01, 2014 until October 31, 2014.

To celebrate my 13 years in the industry as the first European Fantasy art Muse (read more about my career and how I went from a regular girl to an international published muse here ), as well as the 11 years anniversary of the very first Drakaina contest (which led to 2 internationally published art books here and here), I am launching a new Drakaina artworks contest. This time around, the contest will be focusing on Anime artworks, from Chibi to Ecchi, both in modern as well as dark/Fantasy settings, inspired by yours truly 😉 My official website is

The idea is to publish a 2015 calendar featuring the 12 best fan arts from the contest.

I am not doing this because anime is the thing to like right now.. I am actually quite the anime fan myself (can you say binge watch?!? LOL) and I am choosing my next calendar to feature (Drakaina) anime artworks only, both for my personal enjoyment, as well as to expose my “Fans” to a style they might not necessarily go look for on their own..

*** 3 categories to choose from: ***

Kawaii/seinen: action/adventure/fighting scene, fantasy/dark Fantasy, vampire, humor, nosebleeds ect

Ecchi (oiroke manga): very light or playful erotic content (This involves the back, buttocks or even breasts and panchira/pantsu), fan-service, scenes in a shower, onsen, or fighting scenes in which clothes are torn apart by weapons or magic.

Chibi/Mascot: A younger version of Drakaina (with or without her pup). This category will be judged on cuteness, details and originality. Can be submitted with or without a background (=transparent background is ok).

You can participate in one or more categories.

The prizes are as follow :

*1rst Prize: $125.00 cash prize (paypal)

*2nd Prize: Your artwork on a T-shirt Drakaina will be wearing at her convention guest appearances and a signed T-shirt sporting your design sent to you (choose between 3 designs regular T-shirt, tank top or camisole)

*3rd Prize: your design as the new mascot


Type of art accepted:

Traditional, digital, animation. No photo manipulation please.
Soft shade and cell shade are accepted but a combination of both would be ideal, full body artwork preferred but knee high artworks are accepted too.
The full bleed size of the artwork should be as follow 282 x 219 mm (1666 x 1294 pixels)

**The 12 best artworks will be featured in a 2015 Drakaina calendar. Artists’ names and credits will be featured on calendar. Each one of the 12 artists will also receive a signed copy of calendar**

The submission is open to all tasteful, beautiful, controversial, unique, and technically assured artworks.

You can enter as many images you want. Any or all of them may be chosen for publication.

Contest entries should be submitted in the following format:

*.jpg format;

*Max 1024 pixels on either side at 72dpi;

*Less than 800kb

If chosen, you will be expected to provide us with a 300 dpi, CMYK Tiff version of your artwork(s).


Important: All artists shall be in possession of ownership and copyright of the submitted artwork, and have no legal objection to Drakaina publishing the selected winning image(s) in the 2015 Drakaina calendar as well as on the website (The mascot winner grants Drakaina the right of use on and related promotional material). Drakaina, nor the publishers will be held responsible for false copyright claims. No other rights, print, electronic or other are granted to Drakaina. However, we may wish to use selected images in the promotions and marketing of the calendar only.

All copyright ownership stays with the artist for this publication and in no way will your professional integrity as image owners be compromised. We may wish to use selected images for the promotion of this calendar in the press and media; however no works will be printed on any other literature for sale other than the calendar without your prior consent. By submitting your artwork you agree to this permission.

Character details

Who is Drakaina:

A warrior queen in a dark fantasy realm, she is reborn as a young feisty woman in her late teens when her soul is cast away by the spell of her sworn Enemy, hoping to destroy her once and for all. She awakes in modern day earth lost and confused, to the kisses of a stray female shiba-inu puppy, and without a clue of whom nor where she is…

You can take it from there; I do not want to slow down your imagination by giving you a full story. You can chose to portray Drakaina in her Fantasy realm, or on modern day earth. For the same reason I am not providing a description of what she would wear now that she’s “landed” on modern day earth. It’s totally up to you. Same goes for your artwork, it can be based on the beginning of the story or months following Drakaina’s unfortunate landing on earth.. Maybe now she is a student? Or a mercenary? is she trying to get back to her own world and reclaim her previous life or did she adapt to this new life and decided to leave her old one behind? It’s your call, have fun with it

Physical Description:

Modern day Drakaina

Long bright (candy apple) red hair
Big soulful blue eyes
Always has her shiba pup by her side
Uses magic (spell casting) in Modern day earth

Drakaina the warrior Queen

Long curly red hair
Big bright piercing blue eyes
Always has her wolf by her side
Uses a 2 handed sword

You can view the reference pics for this contest here

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They are finally here!!! The 2013 Anniversary Drakaina wall calendars are here, just in time for Christmas!! They will make a great gift for others, or for yourself!!

They are 14” x 11” (larger wall calendars), and feature some of Drakaina’s never seen before pictures, as well as the uncensored version (yes nudes) of some of the fans favorites!! This is not a calendar you will want to display in your office cubicle, or your risk your HR to have a meltdown while your colleagues will do their very best to steal it from you..And I would hate to be responsible for creating trouble at the office 😉

The calendar feature over 50 pictures taken anywhere from 12 years ago to a few months back, a mix of Drakaina’s personal favs ready to make your 2013 even sweeter.

Get yours for Xmas

Get yours for Xmas

To order, please  send me an email with your complete address, delivery option (regular delivery 8-15 business days, add $7.50) Calendars are $30.00 each, signed if you are in the Halifax area (please remember to add whom you want to calendar to be signed to). I am happy to sign your calendar where ever you are but there will be a $5.00 extra shipping fee (since the calendar will be shipped here first and then to your address)
Orders will ship within 4 business days of cleared payment.

This is the first ever Drakaina Calendar!!! And the pictures featured won’t be featured anywhere else any time soon!!!

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During Hal Con the Moment TV came to visit me for a quick interview.. Enjoy the full episode or if you want to see how Mall torment’s me you can fast forward to 8.11 minutes in.. 😉

Here is another piece from my dear friend, artist Sandra Chang, and her intro on the artwork :

I had originally submitted the Drakaina Octopus to the fourth Erotic Signature competition and to my surprise, it was rejected on the grounds of beastiality. The judges made it very clear that they loved the piece, but couldn’t allow its inclusion in the book because it would offend other artists.  Hustler  published the Drakaina pin-up in the March 2011 issue.

Click on the preview to be redirected to her website 🙂




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Looking forward to a (soon) future collaboration 🙂